7 Tips For Choosing Your Wedding Cake Maker

A wedding cake has been part of weddings for a very long time, and it is one of those things that you have to put a lot of emphasis on when planning your wedding. Unlike with other things in a wedding, it is easy to plan for a perfect wedding cake. This can only be achieved by choosing the right cake maker. There are very many bakers out there, but not all of them can make you that perfect cake that you have always dreamed of. To ensure that the cake does not ruin your perfect wedding you should consider the following seven tips for choosing your wedding cake maker.

1. Decide the type of cake you want The kind of cake you want for your wedding will play an important role in choosing the right cake maker for your big day. There are very many types of wedding cakes you can choose from and different makers have specialized in making various kinds of cake. Even if you are unsure of which cake you prefer you should at least have an idea.

2. Ask friends and relatives for recommendations When you are planning a wedding, you should be open to receive ideas from family and friends who got married recently. Ask them who they used for their wedding cake and if they liked what they got. If your friend was pleased with the cake maker, then this shows that the make is good at what he or she does, and they will probably leave to your expectations. If you receive more than one recommendation, you should set aside some time to meet each one of them.

3. Always go for the one with the best reputation This is probably the first time you are working with the cake maker, and also there is no way for you to tell if they make good cakes or not. Their reputation is the only thing that you can rely on as a source of information. If a baker makes good wedding cakes, then they will have a good reputation. By going for a reputable baker, you will avoid taking chances with bakers who have not been in the industry for long enough.

4. Their qualification and training matter a lot It is true that one can become an excellent baker without undergoing formal training, but this happens on very rare occasions. Due to this you should always go for a professionally trained baker who has many certifications. You might not be able to tell how trained a pastry chef is but if he is well qualified, he will probably let you know. Furthermore, you can always check their profile on their website if they have one to find out more about their qualification.

5. Arrange for a cake tasting session Tasting the wedding cake sample will help you judge on a firsthand basis what the cake maker is capable of making. Most pastry chefs will always invite you for a taste session where they will give you different samples of their cakes to taste. Before choosing your cake maker, you should try and taste as many cakes as possible from different makers. When visiting the cake makers, you should also ask to see pictures of their past creations. If you like what you see in the photos provided and you also like the taste of the cakes, then you have yourself the perfect cake maker.

6. The delivery process also matters Making a fantastic wedding cake is one thing and getting it to your wedding or reception venue is another. No matter how good a wedding cake maker might be if they cannot deliver the cake in good time and the right condition then the maker will not work for you. Ask to know how the cake will be delivered and if you will have to cater for any extra cost. This will help you avoid unnecessary delays during the wedding day, and you will also be able to include any delivery cost to your cake budget.

7. Cost of the cake When planning for a wedding its is always about staying within the budget as there are very many things that you will need to plan for. Due to this you have to know how the cake is priced. Some cakes are priced per slice and complexity of flavors and fillings. Before choosing a cake maker, they should make all this information available to you. Cost might be an important factor to consider but if you want a good wedding cake, you should be prepared to pay more as the best cake makers are also the most expensive ones.